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E1 Visa Details

The E1 visa is for nationals from countries with which the US has a treaty of friendship, commerce, and navigation who are coming to the US to engage in substantial trade between the US and the alien’s country of nationality. The E1 visa employee must hold a supervisory or executive position or have skills which are essential to the successful operation of the enterprise. The E1 visa is initially valid for two years and may be extended indefinitely.

In order to qualify for an E1 visa, you must be a national of one of the following treaty countries.  Spouses and children of E1 visa holders may enter and remain in the US in E1 status. E1 visa spouses may apply for an EAD.  E1 spouses and children may attend school in the US.

For Whom Is an E1 Visa Appropriate?

  • Executives, managers and specialists of a treaty nation company operating in the US seeking to enter to carry out substantial trade, including their family members;
  • Companies in treaty countries who wish to send key personnel to set up a US company or manage the US affiliate or branch.

E1 Visa Requirements

An alien, if otherwise admissible, may be classified as a nonimmigrant treaty trader (E1) if the alien:

  • Will be in the United States solely to carry on trade of a substantial nature, which is international in scope, either on the alien’s behalf or as an employee of a foreign person or organization engaged in trade principally between the United States and the treaty country of which the alien is a national, taking into consideration any conditions in the country of which the alien is a national which may affect the alien’s ability to carry on such substantial trade; and
  • Intends to depart the United States upon the expiration or termination of treaty trader (E1) status.

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