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You can send us your case description, CV, resume and call us for an evaluation.  If you have a complicated case, we’ll schedule a time for you to discuss your case with an attorney.  The attorney can review your documents with you during your consultation.

Help You Perpare Your Case

Once we take your case, our attorney will send you appropriate materials and help your gather everything necessary to support your case.  The materials the attorney provide were the materials we used in the past to get similar cased approved quickly.  The attorney may have tailored it to fit into your situation.  You just need simply follow the attorney’s instructions on how to document your case.

Work with USCIS, DOS, DOL, US Embassies and CBP

We’ll work with appropriate US government agencies to make sure that your case is resolved in a timely and positive manner.  The processing time varies depends on the government agency we work with.  Some provides a timetable so we’re informed on how long it might take.  Some do not have a formal processing time.  Based on our experiences, we have an idea on how long roughly it should take with each government agency.  No matter what, our goal is to work with them and resolve our cases quickly.

Consultation With An Experienced Attorney

We charge $400 for your first in-person consultation and a discounted rate of $200 for a consultation over the phone.  A Consultation is one appointment for a time period of 30 minutes or less.

Expertly Prepare and File Your Case

Once you give us all of your documents, it takes the attorney about two weeks to prepare and file your case.  We know exactly what the government is looking for to approve your case.  That is exactly what our attorney will do for your case to make sure that we prepare and present your case the way the government will want to see and approve it.  We’ll make sure that we’ll give you the best chance for an approval.

Follow Up With Government Agencies And Update Clients Throughout The Process

Throughout the process, we’ll make sure that you are informed about your case status.  The processing time varies depends on the government agency we work with.  We normally give them a reasonable time frame to resolve the case.  If it takes longer them we expected, we’ll follow up with them and request them to provide us with an update and we’ll then notify you.
  • Permanent Resident
  • Refugees and Asylees
  • Naturalization
  • Removal

US Immigration Statistics

US immigration figures from 1988 to 2013

The US government compiles statistical data in one form or another since the 1890s.  Here are some data points over the past two decades which show how many foreign nationals have obtained green cards, naturalization, asylum or who have been removed from the country.

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