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Form I-290B Immigration Appeal

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I-290B Immigration Appeal

I-290B Immigration Appeal Details

If your immigration petition or application has been denied or revoked by the USCIS or DOL, you may have a valid basis for an appeal.  Appeals are generally allowed where the government agency made a mistake of law or fact or there is new evidence that would make your case approvable.  There are generally three avenues of appeal: Motion to Reopen, Motion to Reconsider and an Appeal.  When an application is denied, the USCIS or DOL will send a notice to the Petitioner and describe which types of appeals are allowed for the particular case.

Motion to Reopen

A Motion to Reopen is generally employed where there are new facts, changed conditions or exceptional circumstances.

Motion to Reconsider

A Motion to Reconsider is generally employed where the government agency made a legal error or there is a change in the law.

For Whom Is an I-290B Immigration Appeal Appropriate?

Any Petitioner for an immigration benefit whose case was denied.  Generally, the Petitioner has between 30-33 days to file an appeal but additional time to respond may be granted in certain cases.  Failure to make a timely appeal renders the decision final.

I-290B Immigration Appeal Requirements

In order to file a successful immigration appeal, the Petitioner must timely file Form I-290B to USCIS or the AAO or in writing to BALCA.  All appeals must provide a legal basis for the appeal to be sustained,  Any appeal that fails to state a legal basis will be summarily dismissed.

USCIS Memo Relating to Appeals
November 4, 2015Initial Field Review of Appeals to the Administrative Appeals OfficeThis policy memorandum provide guidance on the proper processing of appeals to the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO).

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