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Since 2002, The Messersmith Law Firm has won dozens of awards and thousands of immigration cases. The H3 visa can be used by a US firm to train a foreign employee. If you would like to pursue training in the US to learn skills you can't find in your country, we can help you. We have seen and obtained approvals for a wide variety of H3 cases and have the ability to competently evaluate your case. Most prospective clients that come to us have poor cases and retain us to help them improve their chances. As you can see from our list of approved petitions, we are extremely successful with USCIS and if you follow our advice and direction, we are confident we can get your case approved. And, if you have a case that we feel is unapprovable, we will tell you. However, in our experience, we are able to assist the vast majority of prospective clients.

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You will receive top notch immigration services at The Messersmith Law Firm. We guarantee personalized legal services, a high rate of success, and very reasonable fees. At The Messersmith Law Firm, you will always get more than what you pay for. While the majority of our clients are referred to our law firm, we are open to take new cases if we feel we can help you achieve your goals. We have no doubt that you will refer everyone you know to us once your case is approved! Our goal is to get your case approved in the shortest amount of time possible yet strive to keep our fees reasonable!

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