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PERM Labor Certification

Permanent Labor Certification

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PERM Labor Certification Details

According to the DOL, the new PERM process is designed to eliminate the traditional labor certification process and create a single automated process for labor certifications that is based primarily on the current procedures for RIR. Unlike the previous RIR program, a PERM application can be filed in as little as 37 days and the DOL processing time is designed to be significantly shorter.

For Whom Is PERM Labor Certification Appropriate?

US companies to employ foreign workers in the US on a permanent basis.

PERM Labor Certification Requirements

The US companies must offer a job to a foreign national and offer to pay the prevailing wage for that position. The US company must advertise the position in house and in a local newspaper to give US workers an opportunity to apply for the job. Upon the conclusion of the advertisements, the US employee must show why the US applicants cannot perform the job and why the foreign national can.

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