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B1 Visa Details

Nonimmigrants who wish to visit the US for business must obtain a B1 visa to enter the United States. Generally these visas are valid for five to ten years. However, the visa holder is only allowed to remain in the US while his or her I-94 card is valid. B1 holders should return to their home country or apply for a visa extension before their I-94 card expires. Failure to extend the visa or return home can result in the current visa being revoked and future visa applications being denied.

For Whom Is a B1 Visa Appropriate?

  • An individual traveling to the United States to take part in an exhibition, set up an exhibition booth, display samples, sign contracts, and take orders for merchandise produced in and delivered from the alien’s foreign country;
  • Individuals participating in a voluntary service program which benefits a US. local community, who establish that they are a member of, and have a commitment to, a particular recognized religious or nonprofit charitable organization;
  • Individuals who will install, service or repair commercial or industrial equipment or machinery sold by a company in the alien’s foreign country to a buyer in the United States;
  • Individuals traveling to the United States in connection with a speaking engagement;
  • Participants in scientific, educational, professional, or business conventions, conferences or seminars;
  • Individuals who will engage in independent research;
  • Individuals traveling to the United States to survey potential sites for a business and/or to lease premises;
  • Individuals coming for an elective clerkship which affords practical experience and instruction in the various disciplines of medicine under the supervision and direction of faculty physicians at a US. medical school’s hospital;
  • Individuals temporarily resident in the United States who will be working from home as computer programmers for foreign based companies;
  • Individuals performing missionary work on behalf of a religious denomination, to engage in an evangelical tour and do not plan to take an appointment with any one church you may be eligible, or to preach in the United States for a temporary period;
  • Individuals participating in a voluntary service program which benefits a US. local community;
  • An amateur, or group of amateurs performing in a social and/or charitable context, or as a competitor in a talent show or contest;
  • A professional entertainer may be eligible, unless an O1 visa or P1 visa is appropriate;
  • An amateur athlete or group of athletes competing in an athletic event for which they will receive no payment, other than incidental expenses;
  • Professional athletes, such as golfers and auto racers, who receive no salary or payment other than prize money for his/her participation in a tournament or sporting event.

B1 Visa Requirements

Any B1 visitor for business may be admitted for not more than one year and may be granted extensions of temporary stay in increments of not more than six months each, except that alien members of a religious denomination coming temporarily and solely to do missionary work in behalf of a religious denomination may be granted extensions of not more than one year each, provided that such work does not involve the selling of articles or the solicitation or acceptance of donations.

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