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F1 Visa

F1 Visa Details

An F1 visa may be obtained for a student who wishes to pursue full-time academic studies in a college, university, seminar, conservatory, private academic high school, other academic institution, or language-training program. Tourists on a B2 visa may have difficulty changing their status to F1 in the US unless their visa has prospective student stamp.

A F1 student may work 20 hours per week on campus. F1 students who suffer from economic hardship may secure off campus employment.

For Whom Is an F1 Visa Appropriate?

Foreign nationals qualified to attend a full course of study at colleges, universities, conservatories, or academic high schools in the US.

F1 Visa Requirements

In order to qualify for F-1 or M-1 status, the alien must first apply to, and be accepted by, an academic institution in the United States authorized to enroll foreign students. The student must establish that he or she has the financial ability to pay for all costs associated with the education sought as well as meet the school’s academic requirements and show that he or she is sufficiently fluent in English.

USCIS Memo Relating to F1 VISA
October 6, 201317-Month OPT Extension for F1 Visa Students Enrolled in STEM Degree ProgramsThe purpose of this policy memorandumis to clarify the eligibility requirements for a 17-month
extension of Post-Completion OPT for F-1 students enrolled in STEM degree programs.

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