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Artist or Athlete in an Exchange Program

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P2 Visa Details

The P2 visa is designated for artists or entertainers individually or as part of a group entering the US temporarily as a part of an exchange program. There should be two organizations involved in this exchange program: one in the US and one abroad.

Artists and entertainers who wish to qualify for the visa must show the following:

  • A written consultation by an appropriate labor organization;
  • A copy of the formal reciprocal exchange agreement between the US organization(s) sponsoring the alien and the organization(s) in a foreign country which will receive the US artist or entertainer;
  • A statement from the sponsoring organization describing the reciprocal exchange of US artists or entertainers as it relates to the specific petition for which classification is sought;
  • Evidence the alien and the US artist or entertainer subject to the reciprocal exchange agreement are artists with comparable skills and that the terms and conditions of employment are similar; or
  • Evidence that an appropriate labor organization in the US was involved in negotiating, or has concurred with, the reciprocal exchange of US and foreign artists or entertainers.

Spouses and children of the P2 visa holder may obtain a P4 visa to enter and remain in the US. The P4 visa holder may attend school but if he or she wishes to work, he or she must change his or her status to obtain a work visa.

For Whom Is an P2 Visa Appropriate?

Artists, entertainers and entertainment troupes or bands entering the US through a government recognized reciprocal exchange program and their support personnel.

P2 Visa Requirements

A P2 classification applies to an alien who is coming temporarily to the United States to perform as an artist or entertainer, individually or as part of a group, or to perform as an integral part of the performance of such a group, and who seeks to perform under a reciprocal exchange program which is between an organization or organizations in the United States and an organization or organizations in one or more foreign states, and which provides for the temporary exchange of artists and entertainers, or groups of artists and entertainers.

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