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Immigration Lawyer Services

The Messersmith Law Firm is a full-service law firm, concentrating on immigration law. We have special expertise with the national interest waiver, EB1 green card, J1 waiver, marriage green card, PERM and H1B visa. We are well known for our zealous and creative advocacy on behalf of our clients.

The Messersmith Law Firm assists large and small companies and institutions nationwide in complying with the complex immigration requirements of the USCIS, DOL and DOS to retain highly skilled workers in such fields as information technology, medical research, computer software, engineering, hospitality, art, martial arts and medicine.

Immigration law is federal law which means that we are licensed to assist clients nationwide and even worldwide. The majority of immigration filings are done through the mail. This allows us to efficiently represent clients where they live and work.

The Messersmith Law Firm employs state of the art technology in the practice of law which increases our speed and efficiency for the benefit of our clients.

We look forward to assisting you.  Here is a short sample of our recently approved petitions.  As always, keep the USCIS updated to your current whereabouts, whether you are a beneficiary or a sponsor.  It’s the law.

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The Messersmith Law Firm Immigration Lawyer Services

We make immigration possible



Our relationship with our clients is based on trust.  Thousands of individuals and hundred of companies, both foreign and domestic, have placed their trust in us and for that, we are truly honored.  In return, we have delivered the most valuable and extraordinary results.  We are grateful for your trust and we will continue to work hard to ensure a positive outcome in your immigration matters.



The Messersmith Law Firm is a full-service law firm, concentrating on immigration law. We have special expertise in work visas, family based visas, visa waivers, green cards through family and employment and asylum. We are well known for our zealous and creative advocacy on behalf of our clients.  Every case we take is handled by an experienced immigration attorney.



With an experienced immigration attorney dedicated to the success of your case, we will do everything in our power to get your case approved.  Peter Messersmith and The Messersmith Law Firm have won more than a dozen awards for excellence in the field and have worked tirelessly to get more than 2,000 cases approved.  Put our experience to the test,  If you want the best chance to get your case approved you’ve come to the right place.


2,000+ Cases Approved Since 2002!


No inquiries are ignored!  We guarantee a quick response to all client inquiries!


Most cases can be prepared and filed in two weeks or less!


We have individual and business clients from all 50 US states and dozens of countries across the globe!


No hourly rates!  We quote a reasonable flat rate for all types of immigration cases!


We do not take a case unless we are confident we can get it approved!

Our Best Services Include

Most Popular Immigration Services

The most common types of immigration issues we encounter are for assistance with work visas such as the H1B visa,L1 visa or investment visas like the E2 visa, employment based green card such as the EB1 green card or national interest waiver, J1 waiver issues, and the more common INA 212 inadmissibility problems like fraud accusations.

H1B Visa 97%
L1 Visa 95%
J1 Waiver 90%
INA 212 Inadmissibility 75%
EB1 Green Card 87%
National Interest Waiver 98%

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